Mid-West Mid-Century

By Sarah – Atomic Magpie 

Several times a year, the Mid-West beckons and I come running. From the prairies, to the corn fields, I love the rural serenity and wide open spaces. Oh, and then there’s the lakes. All 10,000 of them! 

1960’s whisky decanter and the first snow of the season. (Central MN)

What I also love, is the abundance of amazing mid century pieces to be found. At the end of every visit, when I head back to California, my carry on luggage is usually loaded with Pyrex and coffee pots. At some point or another, I’ve had footstools and lamps, fondue pots and Franciscan ware, all carefully stuffed in my suitcase.

1950’s Danish modern lamp & hand knitted throw. (Stearns County, MN)

I have this theory that people in the Mid-West don’t live with the same “disposable” mentality as many of the rest of us. That the kitchen canister set someone got as a wedding gift in 1966, is the same one in their kitchen until the day they die. Now, clearly there is no science behind this theory, but there has to be some explanation for the volume of incredible, well treated pieces I always find there.

Inland Glass Coffee Pot. (Minneapolis, MN)

 A lot of manufacturing in mid century America, was found in the Mid West and surrounding states.  I’m sure this also has something to do with it. Whatever it is, I get excited any time I have a free day to go searching for treasures. And the results have always been fantastic and rewarding!

Hairpin legged footstool, found at “Pioneer Days” (Albany, MN) Restored and updated by us.
1960’s Turner Wall Art print. (South Dakota)